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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bookworks 12 gets some press

Bookworks 12, the CBAS exhibit at the Main Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County was reviewed in the on line arts magazine Aeqai - the review, written by Fran Watson, is quite nice and speaks to all of us who love the tactile nature of handling a book and who relish the visual in an artist's book.

Check it out below by clicking on "Aeqai". The exhibit runs through August 28th. A final artist walk through is scheduled for Sunday August 28th from 2 to 3pm.


Sunday, July 17, 2011


This past CBAS board meeting (July 2011) was bittersweet as Cody Calhoun officially announced that she will be leaving the CBAS board and moving to Texas! Oh Yeah! Texas (although we know, no State is too big for Cody...)

Her spouse, Kim, got a job in Texas, (congratulations) and off they go! We will miss Cody immensely. Cody was instrumental in organizing and planning projects for community book arts projects that CBAS did for the Fine Arts Fund and for Books by the Banks. She gave fantastic book arts workshops for the study group and her spirit and subversive giggle will be very much missed during board meetings!

Cody with a book!

Tunnel book workshop

Cody demonstrates book making techniques

 CBAS president Jack Campbell had this 
to say during the board meeting:
"Cody, Calhoun, our brilliant book artist and long term board member, is off to the Lone Star State. We are sending      
up a Bravo and many Kudos for all the wonderful workshops, time given to the organization and tremendous
assistance she has lent to CBAS over the years.