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Monday, March 28, 2011

A fun time at Arts Wave!

Decorative papers were used for the cover.
Finished book - view from outside.

Eight CBAS members spent part of their Saturday afternoon on March 26 at the Main Library introducing children and adults to the books arts.  Although there were many other ArtsWave activities going on throughout the region and it was an unusually slow day the Main Library, together we made nearly 100 rubber band books.  At a number of tables in the first floor Reading Lounge, we worked with interested folks to create a simple and practical booklet with pockets, a structure that required only simple folding and cutting.   Everyone seemed pleased with their creations, and some took the time to embellish their books using rubber stamps, cut-outs, glue sticks and crayons.

It was really inspiring for those of us who volunteered
to see the variety of people who joined us.  The day's
bookmakers included a number of early elementary age
Final touches were added with stamping and writing.
kids who were very into decorating their work, several teenagers (male and female), members of a local sketching group, a woman especially interested in using the booklet format to create invitations to her daughter's graduation. A middle-aged gentleman very happy to create a special gift for his mother since he was on the way to a surprise party for her, and a man in his 80s who smiled when he sat down and announced he was ready to learn something new.  A number of those who joined us took membership brochures and expressed an interest in joining CBAS and becoming more involved.

Many thanks to Cecie, Jack, Janice, Nancy D and Nancy H, Patty, Trish and Veronica for volunteering, to Cody, Jo and Mark for helping choose the day's project and gathering supplies, and to Kate, Jeanne and Chris, our library contacts.

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