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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book arts workshop reveals a Pyramid

Several CBAS members traveled to Lexington, Kentucky, April 2, to participate in “PYRAMID POWER”, a workshop taught by Chicago-based book artist and CBAS member Karen Hanmer. The night before the workshop, Karen presented an illustrated lecture about her work, including her artist’s books, design bindings and installations.  (You, too, can check out her work at www.karenhanmer.com.)

Triangle book form

The Saturday workshop was held at The King Library Press, a fine printing heaven on the University of Kentucky campus directed by Dr. Paul Holbrook and associates. (You can find about more about the Press at www.uky.edu/Libraries/KLP/.) Our work for the day began with Karen explaining the triangle book structure we would be learning. We then proceeded to cut lots of “perfect” triangles, glue up lots of hinges between triangles and apply a top layer of triangles. Precision was our aim though not always achieved in our prototypes; however, we’ve taken the first step. Now it’s up to us sixteen participants to be as creative as we can and think of appropriate content (images, text) with which we might use this very flexible and interesting form. 

Workshop participants

Karen with her Triangle book

Thanks to the Press, Paul, Dave, and the library volunteers for the hospitality and to Karen for sharing her enthusiasm and skill. We’re duly inspired or, should we say, “empowered by the pyramid!”

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