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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Grandparents Day at the Mercantile Library, Cincinnati

A group of dedicated CBAS board members and volunteers spent the day at the Mercantile Library in downtown Cincinnati during their Grandparents Day. CBAS volunteers helped the happy kid and grandparent teams to make a variety of book forms, shown here.

Here is what Janice had to say: "A lively crowd of about 50 grandchildren and grandparents descended on the Mercantile Library on Saturday, September 10 for a special Grandparents Day program presented by CBAS.  Eight hard-working volunteers helped everyone make 4 projects: a one-page wonder, a rubber band book, a paper wallet book, and a circle book necklace.  After they finished their projects, everyone headed over to the decoration table for rubber stamping, stickers, markers and some wonderful enhancements to their projects.

Included in the day's creative outpourings were a one-page wonder called "How to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich," a rubber band book on the subject of Peace, and several tributes to family cats and dogs.  Even some of the granddads somewhat sheepishly got into the mood and made their own books.  We were packed around the tables like artistic sardines, and the creativity was certainly contagious.

Kids and grownups all seemed to have a genuinely good time, thanked us profusely and left with a lot of enthusiasm for making more books.  Our favorite comment of the day came from a young man of about 8 or 9 who was proudly showing off his work and said, "When my grandparents told me about this, I really didn't want to come.  I thought it was going to be really boring.  But I'm really glad I came.  It was awesome!"  Who can ask for a better recommendation than that?

Many thanks to volunteers Ellen, Janice, Jeanne, Judith, Linda, Mark, Nancy and Veronica for making this one of our best outreach programs ever.

And what a beautiful place to make books, or spend the afternoon. If you are unfamiliar with the Mercantile Library, check out their website. It is a membership library with a wonderful history, an interesting collection and many current events and author visits.


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