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Monday, November 14, 2011

My quick visit to the Type Truck

Type Truck parked outside of Art Building at Miami University

This past Thursday I made my way over to Miami University and easily found a parking spot (!) and then had a brisk walk to the Type Truck. Kylie Dury of Power and Light Press was there with her side step truck showing Miami University students as well as a few non-students the enticing art of letterpress. She has been traveling the country bringing letterpress to small towns and large cities and I might add, her sleeping accomodations within the truck looked cozy!

I had a chance to speak with Erin Beckoff of Inky Winky Press who helped to bring the Type Truck to Oxford. She offers a class at Miami University in Letterpress and is helping to revive interest among students. Along side the truck and inside were several Miami University students excited and delighted to have the truck there.

Once inside the truck I was able to take a pass at inking up some type and pulling a print (most of which had been printed prior to the open truck time) which can be seen in the photos here. I wish I could have stayed longer in the truck and attended Dury's talk later the same evening. Even still, what a great project and I am happy I got a chance to visit - inspiring!

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