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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Study Group Members Make Long-awaited Paper Sample Book

A record crowd of 22 CBAS Study Group members met in the Community Education Room of the Art Academy on February 9 to complete a project we've discussed for years: making a paper sample book.

At our previous meeting, attendees had adopted a paper from the seventeen samples our project coordinator Cecie Chewning had purchased. Then during the month, we spent time researching our paper and cutting squares to distribute. At the meeting, everyone made a brief report about how and where their paper was made, outstanding features and how it could best be used in bookmaking and other art work.
The result is a handy, expandable book with seventeen samples of paper, three samples of different bookmaking boards, and divider sheets for notes. The samples include everything from English and French printmaking papers to thin but strong Japanese papers to beautifully colored decorative paper handmade by the indigenous people of Nepal, with a wide variety of uses in between. The sample books are going to be an invaluable tool for everyone in the group when that next bookmaking project is being planned.

Many thanks to Cecie for a huge amount of preparation and some great background information. And thanks to all who participated and shared what they had learned.

***We are also most grateful to Sharon and Ros for giving us a tour of the wonderful papers and supplies available at Suder's Art Store, 1309 Vine Street, following our Study Group meeting.***

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