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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flags, flags, flags.. yes it is a book

Surely you have seen somewhere in your book browsing a book that opens and stretches, one that is filled with small pages which alternate back and forth, waving at the spectator and amusing us with an interplay of image, text and page...a flag book. For the March Study Group Nancy Driesbach led the group in a workshop on the flag book structure.  Everyone made a colorful model, using rainbow colored flags to get used to the folding and attaching order.


“Precision counts,” Nancy reminded us. After creating a “precise” concertina, we added a top and then a bottom row of flags, then the middle row and finally two remaining rows. Boards were covered and lining paper was added. Nancy had us cut up images for our second book. For this one the flags were little squares. 

We all left the enjoyable afternoon wiser, with two new books and ready to apply our knowledge to our own creative projects. We are most grateful to Nancy for sharing her expertise and to Cecie for stepping in for the ailing Janice to make sure things went smoothly.

A few finished flag books

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